If rap had a son his name would tell time. Hailing from Chicago Illinois is an artist with all the right skill to change the face of music as we see it today. Clok Ten started his rap career at the age of 10 when he entered an anti-drug competition and placed third. From that point on he vowel to always win. He continued to write rhymes through grammar school continuing to sharpen his delivery by meeting up on the church balcony with his cousin J.P. Dee. The 2 man crew made #1 Menace and created the song called Refa Burnz. When Clok Ten made it to high school he join a 4 man crew called 31 flavors and battled another crew called 3s Company in the hallways. At that time he was also hanging with the Refa Burnz crew on the southside with his oldest cousin Bro. Ice Cee (R.I.P). With music production equipment always around Clok Ten learned to produce and engineer music. That's when he, with the aid of J.P. Dee, made the song If My Rhymes. It was also around the same time that he joined the 2nd largest hip hop organization the Chi-Rock Nation. Clok Ten breaks waves while others don't even float right. This book is being written and this is only the beginning.